Jason Harper has used his wide range of skills in facilitating discussions with people to help bring resolution in all types of disputes, be they litigated or non-litigated.

Jason Harper has used his diverse skills in facilitating discussions to help bring resolution in all types of disputes, be they litigated or non-litigated. Jason received his mediation training from Loyola Law School and completed advanced mediation training through the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Utilizing a collaborative approach, Jason mediates an assortment of disputes including Landlord/Tenant, Homeowner/HOA, Employment, and Family disputes. His speciality, however, is teaching peer mediation and conflict resolution to students and faculty at the middle school to high school levels. Jason is also a conflict resolution trainer for both adult and youth audiences.

Having spent a vast majority of his career in education, Jason has been no stranger to conflict in schools ranging from student disputes to faculty disputes. Jason was the co-coordinator and lead tutor of the A.V.I.D. program (acclimating lower-achieving students to college prep courses with the intent to go to college) in middle schools, participated in and facilitated Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) meetings for children with special needs in the elementary and high school levels and has been teaching Pre-Algebra to 7th grade students in a Saturday school for the past 10 years.

Jason is currently the ADR Consultant for Southwest SELPA providing mediation and conflict resolution services to 12 school districts and 22 charter schools. He also mediates adult disputes and assists in the coordination of peer mediation programs in schools and community centers in Los Angeles County.

Jason sits on the mediation panel for the Los Angeles County Bar Association and is an active member of the Southern California Mediation Association.