If you are interested in coordinating a speaking engagement or training, at your school, office, or community center, please contact me by email.

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In businesses, schools, and community centers, conflicts and disputes are inevitable. Jason Harper can speak to your staff and constituents on how to handle difficult situations at work or in the community effectively and constructively.

Conflict resolution training is a great tool for people to learn how to effectively communicate, become a better listener, and become mindful of their fellow office-mate or neighbor. Jason Harper can tailor the topics to any company, school, or community gathering and for all ages. Allow Jason Harper speak to your staff and constituents on a range of topics, including the following:

  • High Conflict Personalities
  • How to Effectively Communicate
  • Active Listening
  • ā€œIā€ Statements
  • What is Conflict Resolution?
  • Negotiation Tips

Having someone come in and speak on these topics can save time, money, and most importantly, relationships in the long run. Feel free to contact Jason Harper to schedule a speaking engagement/training.